Innox helps you choose the right phone system for your business taking into consideration available pricing structures, quality of features, feedback from customer reviews and our industry expertise.


Innox Technologies LLC, Dubai offers a wide range of telephony products including IP Telephone systems, Digital Telephone systems and Analog systems that connects the different telephonic lines in an organization.  Our telephony solutions can be a perfect solution and easy to setup making them the top telephone system solutions for your business. Our services are compatible for several industry sectors including small business, industries, healthcare, education, sales, hospitality etc.


Its hard to imagine running a business these days without a poroper telephone system. Smart telephony is essential for firms to operate successfully to make your information conveyed properly among employees and customers.We help you choose the right products that match best with your business requirements.


Innox Technology LLC offers you highly competent support and business services for telephone systems in Middle East. Take your business to the next level with our top telephony solutions. We provide our clients a cutiing edge communication systems for their business. IP phones bring data and video applications together within a single interface whereas digital phones have changed the usage of business communications widely. Some of our leading brands include  NEC, Panasonic, Avaya, DLink.


Our solutions help the corporate sector to streamline their office procedures like performance management, method of training, content updations, etc. We ensure seamless functioning and uninterrupted business operations that inturn results in enhanced productivity and eventually more return on your investments.