IT Infrastructure


Innox has been dedicated to providing a robust IT infrastructure to upgrade the overall efficiency of your organization with assured security and cost- savings. Incorporating a well-planned IT Infrastructure solution increases your productivity and also it grows rapidly from servers to large data centres housing the latest technology.

We provide free active consultation and use modern technology solutions to create operational efficiency and increase the productivity of your business. Properly implemented IT Infrastructure reduces costs and accelerates time-to-market.

Our IT Infrastructure consulting team helps design, build, run and manage a reliable, flexible, and scalable IT Infrastructure for your organization. This in turn reduces infrastructure costs and facilitates better strategic initiatives. Innox helps improve your workforce efficiency and meet your business goals with a proper IT Infrastructure that acts as the backbone of any organisation. Overall efficiency of your organization is ensured with a robust IT Infrastructure that guarantees cost-savings and boost your revenue.

We offer a wide range of IT infrastructure services with free active consultation and also incorporate the latest technology solutions that deliver a differentiated value to your business, that in turn enhances operational efficiency, boost productivity and performance, accelerates time- to- market and also reduces costs.Our IT Infrastructure consulting services enables our clients to design, build and manage a scalable, flexible and also reliable IT Infrastructure solutions. We help or clients to manage their infrastructure costs and facilitate them to focus more on business development.

Our portfolio of services include structured cabling solutions, data center solutions, CCTV solutions, wireless networking solutions, IT Data storage solutions etc.