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Innox Technologies designs install and maintain the best quality access control systems in Dubai. With Our state-of-the-art products and services protecting your investment is not at all a problem. Now you can protect your business or community with 24×7 video surveillance and other excellent access control Systems.

Innox Technologies offer trustworthy access control systems anywhere in Dubai that allow access for only the right people and only at the right time. A complete ensemble of security gates, surveillance cameras, monitoring systems, and alarms are included at Innox Technologies access control systems. Prompt and accurate support is also part of our package.

Wired and Wireless Access Control

wireless-access-controlInnox Technologies, Dubai offers complete site integration of the very best gate operating systems, surveillance cameras, and access control systems to protect your facilities from unwanted entry or unauthorized entries. Our systems include wired and wireless solutions such as entrance keypads and touchless mobile app entry features. They are all aimed at the easy access of tenents to their premises. They also protect you from intruders from entering your private or public domains, unauthorized.

Hassle-free access round the clock

24hrsConventional modes of entry like gates with locks of slow-rolling gates are not sufficient these days. In the challenging security scenario prevailing today, you need self-storage facilities that combine technology-based Access Control, entry, and monitoring systems. Innox Technologies work hard to eliminate all your security concerns using cutting-edge technology and exemplary installation to create a completely secure environment. Our customized access control solutions, through fast gate opening, remote access facility, and touchless blur tooth point of entry will give you peace of mind for long years.

Innox Technologies offer a complete access control system to protect your investment by restricting entry to desired personal only and easy entry to the tenants. Our expert technician conduct site review and project analysis and design appropriate Access Control Systems. Our access designs include customized gate entry, gate operation installation, security camera installation, alarm installation fiber optic cabling work, and much more. Periodic inspection, and maintenance, and on-call service are also included in our contracts. For trustworthy, dependable Access Control anywhere in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Innox Technologies is your right choice.

Best Cameras for optimum function

Innox Technologies use only high-standard equipment for our security set ups. Internet protocol cameras such as PTZ cameras, wide-angle lens cameras, and bullet cameras are used in self-storage systems. Systems are designed with cameras that can be paired with cloud-based apps to allow security footage to be viewed remotely. Cloud technology can be used also to receive notifications instantly and respond instantly when the need arises. Our self-storage video surveillance solutions also include modern thermal cameras, Infrared cameras, Dom Cameras, Covert cameras, etc. Innox Technologies Access Control also includes Alarm Systems with round a clock monitoring system. By placing sensors at strategic points we cover the whole building or the most important points in it. Our programmed sensors will dispatch alarm signals to security officers automatically and without fail. Innox Technologies also designs and installs a variety of gates such as vertical lift gates, rolling slide gates, v track gates, and automatic gate controllers and operators.

Time Attendance System

Innox Technologies offer the best time attendance system solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With our time attendance, mobile application employees can submit their attendance remotely. Admins can verify it and track them with time while they are away from the office. Employees can punch in and out from wherever they are or from any predesigned places.

Our time attendance systems and applications can be operated on both android and ios based smartphones. Our time attendance systems also feature location details that enable managers or admins to see the exact longitude and latitude coordinates free to the point where the employee is. Additional features like extra authentication by photo etc are also included in Innox Technologies time attendance solutions. Innox Technology’s data capturing systems are multiple. There are fingerprint solutions, face-recognizing, and punching devices. Additional data collection methods like Key fob and proximity cords in addition to Pin and Password are also featured in our devices. We also have web and PC-based be time attendance clock options. Our time attendance solutions offer the convenience of attendance at your fingertips where ever you go.

Face Recognition

Innox Technologies’ face recognition solutions offer a total contact-free alternative to tracking employees’ attendance. Our face readers are the best in the market and our services are the best in Dubai. Our specific software bundles offer multi-functional facial recognition capacity for large groups of employees to clock in and out.

Innox Technologies face detection attendance systems are very easy to use. When an employee stands in front of the machine, a super speedy scan of their face is performed. Without taking more than a second to do this, the system identifies the person accurately. Innox’s face recognizing Solutions is a great help to control time theft and buddy punching. With our face readers, attendance system management of attendance data also becomes easy. For the best face reading attendance systems in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Innox Technology offer the widest selection of time clocks and technology currently available.

Hand Punch Devices

Innox Technologies offer the best hand geometry technology devices in Dubai. These hand punch devices are specially designed for environments where there is a possibility of getting the hands to be damp or dirty. Verifying a person’s identity with the help of hand geometry is very effective in many fields, especially in factories and such. Hand Punching devices are reliable and very convenient. They are versatile and comparatively cost-effective too. Innox’s attendance punching systems offer multiple options for access control and labor management. They are well proven for efficacy in dealing with time and attendance in any sort of workplace and in any number of workforces.

Fingerprint Readers

Innox Technologies offer comprehensive Fingerprint reading devices that are algorithm based on unique fingerprints. Biometric fingerprint readers are the most reliable and accurate system for keeping track of employee attendance. These devices store templates of a person’s fingertips in them. When a person places their finger in the reader, it identifies the person by the patterns of their fingertips. These machines convert the fingerprints into templates and store them. To clock in and out, all the employee has to do is simply place his/her fingers in the machine, all the rest will be performed in seconds to complete the identification. Fingerprint readers are best suited for multiple employee environments. With Innox Technologies fingerprint readers in place, employees can easily punch in or out. It also offers a smart solution for combating the misuse of time or one person punching in for another. Fingerprint Readers effectively control time – theft and buddy punching. It also enables to keep track of all employees’ attendance records and timekeeping data. Innox Technologies offer the best and widest range of biometric fingerprint solutions and packages in Dubai

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