About US

Innox is a technology solution provider offering a wide range of IT Infrastructure, Security, Software and Metaverse Solution for all technology needs of B2B and B2C business.


Innox is acting as a technology solution partner for government and private companies since 2008. Innox partners with major technology providers like HP, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco, D-Link, SonicWall, FortiGate APC, ESET, Kaspersky etc to bring cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

14 Years of Corporate Journey

Our Mission

We are here to build long-term relationships with our customers and clients by providing high-quality outstanding services through innovative and advanced technology. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation in all aspects of our business functioning.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a pioneer in the field of solution providers by implementing your innovative concept and developments in the market. The company emphasizes its innovative concepts and also maximizes its potential to find cutting-edge solutions for our customers.

Client & Partners