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Innox Technologies is a technology provider offering a wide range of IT Infrastructure & Security Solution for all your IT and security needs. We are based in Dubai, UAE since 2008. Our partnership with major technology providers like HP, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco, D-Link, SonicWall, FortiGate APC, ESET, Kaspersky etc enables us to bring cutting edge solutions to our customers.

We have worked hard to transform Innox Technologies into a dynamic customer focused growth company thereby creating mutually beneficial business relationships with our prestigious clientele. Combining our experience and technical expertise in latest industrial trends, we offer innovative, flexible and quality solutions by being a one stop shop all kinds of IT systems and consumables enough to cater all your IT & Security needs.

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Leverage our deep partner relationships with leading manufacturers to deliver the latest technology to your end users.

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Get IT assets configured to your exact specifications. Services include warehousing, asset tagging, kitting and more.

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