Retail / Shop Sales

Our retail showroom is very much popular in UAE market in the brand name of IX- gamers. As the name suggested the retail identity is built with custom gaming PC, gaming simulators for car, flight and gaming accessories etc.


The retail showroom is equipped with a highly qualified technicians who has more than 10 years of experience in building high performance machines for gaming, designing etc.

All type of latest IT products and accessories are available in our retail showroom. Our retail outlet is located in the specialized shopping center “computer plaza” shopping mall, the exclusive IT product mall in Dubai.


B2B Corporate Sales

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Distribution Network

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Import & Export

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E-commerce & Online Market Places

The company created a virtual market place for selling all the products. The online trading of product and accessories are managed using two platforms, the gaming products and its accessories are sell through IX – Gamers web portal business products are managed through innoz portal.


The company has branded and promoted products through the third-party store Like amazon, newegg, microless,noon, etc.