IT Infrastructure


A robust IT infrastructure is vital to enhance the overall efficiency of your organization while also ensuring cost savings and security of your critical business data. A well-planned IT infrastructure solution can significantly reduce costs and boost revenues. IT infrastructure grows even more rapidly from few servers initially to large data centers housing modern technology.

We provide free active consultation, we implement services by using latest technology solutions that deliver a differentiated value to your business, by enhancing operational efficiencies, boosting productivity and performance, accelerating time-to-market, and reducing costs.

Server and Storage


Innox Technologies provides Server services to minimize your IT complexities, hence improving the performance and optimizing the Total Cost of your Ownership and Management, therefore increasing your revenue.


Innox Technologies intends to provide performance-based system’s utilization and system’s management for your Server environment.

Our Server Services include:

As a company grows, the volume of data grows simultaneously; making storing and managing data an indispensable need. Our Storage Services include:

Innox Technologies provides Storage Management Services that address all your storage needs, right from Designing to Implementation to Support, etc. keeping in mind your current and future storage needs. Thus, helps you to achieve greater optimization and performance.

Network Security


Modern cyber threats such as ransom ware and advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks, and zero-day threats, require progressively sophisticated defense techniques that balance accurate threat detection with fast response times. The Firewall offers a comprehensive set of next-generation firewall technologies to ensure real-time network protection against a broad range of network threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, including SQL injections, cross-site scripting, denial of service attacks, trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, and many more.

The firewalls can be deployed across multiple physical locations as well as in Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Security & Surveillance


CCTV technology has evolved exponentially—from simple video footage monitoring, to today’s intelligent systems that are capable of identifying abnormal events or behavior.


As intelligence increases in CCTV systems, so do technology applications. Surveillance technology can now be used to observe consumer behavior, to help organizations increase their revenue and profitability, and to monitor retail environments to reduce shrinkage.

This document explains some of the benefits of intelligence in IP surveillance systems, and the advantages of working with Allied Telesis IP video surveillance solutions.


The networked cameras send digital image data through an IP network, where the video feed can also be monitored on a smartphone.

Wireless Solution


Traditional wireless LAN solutions are built on antiquated architectures that lack the scale, reliability, and agility needed to address today’s diverse enterprise needs.


Innox solves this with a revolutionary approach to wireless access that leverages AI-driven automation and insight, coupled with the agility and reliability of a micro services cloud to deliver optimized experiences and simplified network operations. Now IT teams can streamline operations and simplify user and device troubleshooting, while delivering innovative and strategic projects with IoT and location services.

Telephony Solution


Innox will help to choosing the right phone system, reviewing available pricing structures to determine the best value, and even understanding what makes one provider better than another certainly feels overwhelming.


Read on to learn more about the different types of small business phone systems, find out key features to look for, and compare top providers.

Based on our hands-on experience, the quality of features, feedback from customer reviews, and our industry expertise, we’ve ranked the following business phone systems to help you make the right choice.

Network and Switch


They connect multiple devices, such as computers, wireless access points, printers, and servers; on the same network within a building or office. A switch enables connected devices to share information and talk to each other.


Unmanaged switches

An unmanaged network switch is designed so that you can simply plug them in and they work, no configuration required. Unmanaged switches are typically for basic connectivity. You’ll often see them used in home networks or wherever a few more ports are needed, such as at your desk, in a lab, or in a conference room.


Managed switches

Managed switches give you greater security and more features and flexibility because you can configure them to custom-fit your network. With this greater control, you can better protect your network and improve the quality of service for those who access the network.

A network hub is a central connection point for devices in a local area network, or LAN. But there’s a limit to the amount of bandwidth users can share on a hub-based network. The more devices are added to the network hub, the longer it takes data to reach its destination. A switch avoids these and other limitations of network hubs.


A large network may include multiple switches, which connect different groups of computer systems together. These switches are typically connected to a router that allows connected devices to access the Internet.


While switches allow different devices on a network to communicate, routers allow different networks to communicate.

Data Backup Solution


The enterprise backup and recovery solution market are focused on transformational technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today.

Innox defines the market as follows: Backup and recovery software are designed to capture a point-in-time copy (backup) of an enterprise workload and write the data out to a secondary storage device for the purpose of recovering this data in case of loss.

The solution can be offered as an appliance, as software only or as a vendor-managed service offering.

Structured and Cabling


Innox is a leading expert for Structured Cabling Solutions in Dubai. We help designs your space intelligently and bring the benefits of structured cabling to your projects. When you choose Innox as your service partner, you receive services from a team of experts with extensive field experience.


We offer structured cabling services in various locations and environments in UAE. We tailor our solution designs to suit the equipment needs of your organization – both in the present and the future as well as considers factors such as your building structure, existing infrastructure, type of cables, and function of installation. Our team’s experience and expertise has helped establish GS-IT as a foremost structured cabling contractors in Dubai.


As a fully managed Structured Cabling Service provider, we offer custom design, procure and install state-of-the-art infrastructure, and provide complete maintenance for your cabling set-up. Our solutions are compatible with almost every industry, and we strive to help you stay ahead of your competitors without compromising on your infrastructure quality.

Cloud Solution


Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing or cloud services, deliver IT resources on demand over the Internet. Cloud service providers such Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform can deliver everything from applications to data centers on a pay-for-use basis to their subscribers. With cloud solutions, IT resources can scale up or down quickly to meet business demands.

Cloud solutions enable rapid access to flexible and low-cost IT resources without large upfront investments in hardware or time-consuming installation and maintenance. Businesses can provision exactly the type and size of computing resources they need to power a new initiative or operate their IT departments more efficiently.

Biometric Solution


Innox is providing the global leader brands in the field of biometric authentication. Since the 2009, we have been researching and perfecting biometrics authentication technologies such as fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, and face recognition. At the present, in addition to the above-mentioned technologies, Innox has also supply iris recognition, voice recognition, as well as our original ear acoustic authentication technologies. NEC’s unique and highly accurate biometric authentication technology solutions are deployed worldwide.