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Brinno Camera Clamp Plus - ACC1000P

Brinno’s new Camera Clamp Plus (ACC1000P) is DURABLE in material, ADJUSTABLE in grip, FLEXIBLE in tilt angle. The patented tool kit captures any viewing angle of time lapse filming you desire. It makes construction monitoring much easier. The tool kit is made of sturdy stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. The clamp allows you to hold tightly and securely to any object or surface, indoors or outdoors. The magic arm lets you tilt the camera to point anywhere you want with any angle.
AED 694


Camera clamp; Magic arm; Extension poles; Wrench
Camera Mount Screw
Clamping Range
Tube: 0.4~ 3.5 in (10 ~ 90 mm) ; Flat surface: 0.04~ 3.5 in (1 ~90 mm) ; 3.5~ 10.6 in (90 ~270 mm)(with extension pole)
Magic Arm Load Capacity
6.6 lb (3 kg)
Clamp Load Capacity
110 lb (50 kg) (without extension pole)
Folded: 8.2x 3.7x 1.5 in (209x 94x 39 mm) ; Extended: 6.9x 7.1x 2.4 in (176x 180x 60 mm)
2.3lb (1.05 kg)
Clamp: Stainless; Aluminum ; Magic Arm: Stainless; Aluminum ; Extension Pole & wrench: Stainless